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For any traveler who has traveled in Argentina in the past, you will be well aware that tourists, or non-residents of Argentina, pay more for flights within Argentina than residents.  Despite high tourism numbers, this difference in price has continued to be present in local airline fares, until now.  You will be happy to hear, that finally, there is one airline that has cut its price differences, making traveling in Argentina more affordable than ever.
Aerolineas Argentinas has chosen to cut its differences between fares, the first in Argentina, and offer tourists and non-residents the same prices as residents.  Foreigners working, traveling, or studying in Argentina as non-residents are now able to purchase Class B Economy seats at the same price as residents, with no loop holes in between, completely terminating any old foreign rates.
What does this mean for travelers?
This means that now, as a foreigner, you will be paying about 1/3 -1/2 less than you were paying before to travel within Argentina, making a trip in and around Argentina more affordable than ever before.
What does this mean for tourism in Argentina?
This means only continued and increased tourism numbers for Argentina, a major income in the country.  This concept is plain and simple: By reducing airfares, foreigners will buy more tickets within the country, as its more affordable and preferable over buses, tourism in the country will rise because more foreigners will be able to afford it, and the small 20-30% per ticket that Aerolineas will be covered within seconds; a concept that Aerolineas should very proud of.
What does this mean for Aerolineas Argentina?
More flights, more tourism, more press, and more money.
This is certainly a step in the right direction for tourism in Argentina, and a great benefit to those traveling in Argentina, so thank you Aerolineas Argentinas!