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Latin dancestyles and where to learn it in Barcelona (Salsa and Flamenco)

Latin Dancestyles And Where To Learn It In Barcelona (Salsa And Flamenco)

You are currently learning Spanish in Barcelona with Expanish School and you are certainly falling in love with Spanish and Latin cultures.

You start thinking in Spanish, you eat tapas and tortillas and you want to take another step further: move your body in Spanish! So why not learn a typical latin dance like Flamenco, which comes from southern Spain, or Salsa, from South America? In Barcelona you will find many places to practice and learn these dances. Expanish has selected for you the best places to start moving your feet latino style.


  • Learn Flamenco in Barcelona


Flamenco is an emblematic dance of Spain and one of the first things we think about when we talk about Spanish culture. It was originally born in Andalusia but soon spread to the rest of Spain, including Catalonia, which has excellent musicians and dancers. To learn how to dance like a pro, you will have to master many aspects, like the specific tap dance and all the different turns. Here are the schools that Expanish School strongly recommends.


  • Barcelona Flamenco


Barcelona Flamenco is a dance company that has a mission, sharing their art and passion for flamenco. They offer workshops and courses for all levels. Good to know, for advanced levels, musicians are present in the room during the class, a wonderful experience.


  • Ecole de Flamenco José de la Vega


This flamenco school opened its doors in 1975. They offer classes for all levels and every day of the week in their school of Carrer d’Aribau.


  • L’Institut de Flamenco de Barcelone


The Flamenco Institute of Barcelona is an organization that offers flamenco lessons, dance or music. Their goal is to broadcast flamenco and make it better known to the public. A full set of classes costs 45 €, over a period of 6 weeks, with one hour of lesson per week.


  • L’école Tablao de Carmen


This school offers courses for advanced levels, where you will learn all the techniques of flamenco and where the emphasis is mostly on improvisation. Groups are small and dancers and musicians offer lessons for less than 25 euros for a 45-minute session.


  • Learn Salsa in Barcelona


If you prefer to learn a ballroom dance to be able to take the dancefloor with your partner and enjoy the nights out in Barcelona, we have selected for you the best places to learn Salsa in the Catalan capital. If you are a couple, this is an excellent activity to bond!

  • Bailongu

L’école de dans Bailongu propose des cours de danses de salon, et notamment de salsa. Vous y trouverez des cours tous les jours pour différents niveaux (débutant, niveau 2 puis niveau trois, et un dernier niveau 4 pour le perfectionnement ultime).L’école propose des horaires variés, surtout pour les cours de débutant. Les groupes sont limités à 25 personnes. Si vous êtes devenu un pro, vous pouvez également prendre des cours de niveau 5 et 6 et 7 à la fin desquels vous pourrez obtenir un diplôme de professionnel de la salsa. The Bailongu school offers various ballroom dance classes, including salsa. You will find classes every day for different levels (beginner, level 2 and level three, and a final level 4 to close the beginner’s cycle). The school offers varied schedules, especially for level 1 classes. Groups are limited to 25 people. If you want to become a salsa pro, you can also take courses at level 5 and 6 and 7, at the end of which you will be given a diploma of professional salsa dancer.

  • U!dance

U! Dance is another dance school in Barcelona that offers ballroom dancing classes, specializing in salsa. It’s perfect if you have a small budget because their prices are unbeatable. The first course is free and registration is 19 Euros per month. You can enjoy one hour of classes per week and participate in a special event every Wednesday, the “Open Hour”. The school bar organizes these evenings, during which free classes are offered. Perfect to practice and meet other students of the school. There are 5 U! Dance schools in the city, you will for sure find one near your house, so no excuse not to go to class!

So, are you in the mood for flamenco or salsa? Or maybe both, let’s be crazy, ¡A bailar!


Want to learn salsa or flamenco in Barcelona? Expanish School has selected for you the best schools in the city. ¡A bailar!