Shortening Distances: Online Classes to traveling the world form home

One of the great things about living in the 21st century is the globalization that has arisen thanks to new technologies and methods of connectivity and communication. It has never been easier to explore the world from your own backyard: you can visit other countries with Google Maps street view, walk through a museum through an online tour or learn traditional dishes from a variety of cultures via YouTube.

Online Classes: traveling the world form home

Technology has allowed us to form connections with other cultures and places without ever actually going to them. It’s now possible to learn about other countries not just by reading about them or seeing pictures in books, but also by watching live videos or connecting with locals via online platforms. The connectivity of today should not be taken for granted, as it allows us to form relationships with people half a world away. People interested in the same travel destination, sport, or TV show can connect with others, not limited to those in their immediate surroundings. Online communities can be formed, and these can be just as rewarding as in-person interactions. In fact, it has become increasingly common for people to make and maintain online connections for several years before ever meeting in person.

And this new sense of community has translated to online learning as well. If someone is interested in weaving, dancing or learning a language, they can find others online interested in doing the same. It creates an environment of people genuinely interested in bettering their skills, without the need for a physical spatial connection, as they establish relationships via online presence. Particularly when it comes to learning, these connections prove fruitful and supportive of everyone.

Our Online Spanish Classes are taken by students from around the globe, all of whom are interested in learning, practicing and getting better at Spanish with our local professors in both Buenos Aires and Barcelona. Not only is the program flexible and allows you to organize your schedule as you see fit, but it also lets everyone play with different time zones. You will more than likely share your class with people from all over, such as Switzerland, Brazil, the United States, Kuwait, and South Africa, to name but a few possibilities.

This means that you will not only be learning about the cultures of Spain and Argentina, but also about the countries and customs of your fellow students. Often, activities in our online classes involve sharing experiences or stories about your home country, and this results in a cross cultural experience and connection unique to our online program.

In sharing experiences and telling stories, you will be able to transport others and be transported yourself, to new places and learn new customs, without moving from the comfort of your own home. It is a different way to experience travel through an online interaction with someone else, and as part of a group. This is only possible because of the globalization in our world today, and the possibilities that the internet as a tool has given us to connect with each other. Almost globally, the internet is used for day to day, international interactions, and we specifically like to use it to learn Spanish and learn about the world through connectivity with our students.

Shortening Distances: Online Spanish

Previous students have remarked on the ease of online classes, and how you quickly forget it is not in person.Just as in a traditional classroom, our professors will guide you through your learning with tools such as online whiteboards or videos. Our video calls help you connect and see the others in your class as well, so that everyone can chat, compare work and share stories. It is a great way to find a wide array of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures with one unifying wish: to learn Spanish.

“Yo tuve clases online por dos semanas hasta ahora con dos profes muy amables de Expanish que se llaman Pablo y Sonia. Ellos se adaptaron muy rápidamente al cambio de las clases y después de pocos días casi se me olvidé que fueron online. El principio es muy simple. Vos bajás la aplicación que se llama Zoom, te inscribís y recibís un código por email que ponés en la aplicación y ya está. Los clases son como siempre porque el profesor tiene todo lo que necesita en la aplicación. Puede compartir su pantalla para que puedan ver un video o para que te pueda explicar la gramática en una pizarra virtual así que no cambia nada” says Alessandro from Suiza.

But perhaps there is no better explanation than a past student’s succinct opinion: “I feel I’m doing something good for myself as well as meeting others, having fun and learning at the same time”.

We hope to see you in our online, virtual campus soon! ¡Nos vemos!

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