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4 Reasons Why Joining A Spanish Immersion School Is A Good (and Fun) Investment

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me something that sounded rather confusing: “What you learn, is the only thing that no one will ever be able to take away from you.” It didn’t make sense until I grew older, but now I can only agree. Learning new skills is the safest investment and, with that in mind, I choose to learn languages. Here’s why.

Let’s say you are thinking about joining a Spanish immersion school. You are probably doubting if that’s a sensible choice. At least we all agree that that’s the best way to learn Spanish, right? The question that we’ll try to answer here is if that’s the best choice for you in terms of career choices in particular and life in general.

Get a better job

This is the most obvious reason. Learning a second (or even a third) language provides you with a competitive edge in the professional world. When potential employers look at your resume and see that you speak Spanish, not only they think that you are able to communicate with 470 million people more than the rest of the candidates, but also that you are willing (and capable) to learn. Also, if your goal is to work abroad, you can add 20 extra countries to your possibilities, where Spanish is the official language.

That can potentially lead you to a huge improvement in your professional career.

Imagine that you decide to work abroad for a while. Once you are able to communicate in the local language, your profile becomes very interesting to recruiters, since you can also bring your native language to the table. Whether your native language is English, German, French…that gives you an edge in recruiting processes in Spanish speaking countries, which can potentially lead to interesting job or internship offers that you would not be able to get in your home country. Once you’ve done them, you are no longer the under-qualified student, but the potential candidate with a second language and experience working abroad. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

Learn how to learn

You should treat your brain as a muscle. There are plenty of studies proving that learning a new language significantly improves cognitive abilities. It can even delay the onset of dementia. People who learn new languages find it easier to learn all sorts of different things.

The world is advancing fast, technology evolves even faster, so don’t underestimate the ability to learn new things.

It’s a precious skill.

Travel smart

When you know the local language, traveling becomes a whole different thing. Starting with the actual course in the Spanish immersion school, schools like Expanish Barcelona offer plenty of activities where you can blend in with locals. After that, you’ll be able to escape the tourist circuit and travel around a big part of the world with autonomy and security.

The 20-year rule

This one little trick is very useful if you apply it properly. Every time that you need to take an important decision, try to think whether that’s going to make a positive impact on your life in the long run or not. Chances are, twenty years from now, you’ll not be regretting getting out of your comfort zone and joining a Spanish immersion school to learn a new language. “Now that I am old, I wish I had spent six more months of my life in an office job!” said no one ever.

So, does it make sense to invest in learning a language?

Not only is the experience fun and life-changing. It is actually a sensible decision for improving your professional career. Also, it will help you getting out your comfort zone and discovering a new culture. You will meet new people and learn how to blend in with locals.

The best way of doing all this is joining a Spanish immersion school like Expanish Barcelona.