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Visas & Embassies in Buenos Aires

Last week the ‘Before Check List’ was featured, informing you of all the things you should make sure to do before you leave to Argentina, and now we are continuing forward with our Argentina Travel Guide. The next step is getting your visa information in Buenos Aires, and noting down your embassy contact if for any reason you need it while studying Spanish in Buenos Aires.

Visa Requirements

For many nationalities (click here for a list), a tourist visa upon entry is granted when arriving in Argentina; this stipulates that for 90 days you are legal in the country. Before 90 days have passed, visitors may either head down to immigrations and renew their visa for up to another 90 days, or head out of the country and receive a new visa upon re-entry, also valid for 90 days. Every 6 months, visitors MUST leave the country, a visit to immigrations does not renew the 180 day (90+90) visa, if only for several hours.

For nationalities that do not receive a tourist visa upon arrival, please check with your local embassy or Argentine consultant about the process of visa application, etc.

Temporary Residency

Work or Student visas are considered temporary residence.

A work visa requires that employees and their employers fill-out a myriad of different forms in order to be granted a visa. Click for more info!

A student visa can often be completed through your home institution, and requires that you and the school complete a myriad of different forms. Click for more info!

Major Embassies in Buenos Aires with Contact Information

Embassy of the United States: (54-11) 5777-4533

UK Embassy in Argentina: (54-11) 4808 2274

Canadian Embassy in Argentina (54-11) 4808-1000)

Australian Embassy in Argentina (54 11) 4779 3500

For more embassies in Buenos Aires, investigate in Google by typing your nationality followed by ‘embassy in Buenos Aires’.

Look for part 3 of The All You Need Argentina Travel Guide!